Adventures in Home Brewing: Day Fourteen

Welcome to day fourteen of brewing. In the 13 days that have happened since Brewing: Day One, we have just been waiting for it to ferment.  The beer was definitely working as it makes the alcohol. With each bubble in the bubbler, more alcohol is made. Which leads us to the next step, reracking.

Now this is actually my favorite part of brewing. In this portion you siphon the beer from your carboy into another carboy. By doing this you get your beer and not the yeast and other sediments. Once the liquid is clear of the muck, you add the bubbler back on top and let sit again. Yes, I know this sounds very exciting, but there is a reason this is my favorite step and that is flavor. In the secondary stage, you can add ingredients here to pull out new flavors. When making a stout, you can add oats or coffee beans or throw In hops here to dry hop the beer, with an ale, you can add wood chips to age in and add to the flavor. 

With The Dude, we have three ingredients to add here. We have white chocolate, coffee beans, and toasted coconut. So once I siphoned from one carboy to the next, I got the coconut toasting in the oven. After a few minutes, I pulled out the coconut and let cool quickly. Then I added it to the carboy with the beer. Simple? Very. But by adding those in, it will easily bring all of them to your beer and you don’t really have to do anything strenuous. 

And guess what? That is it. That is the whole blog. There isn’t much to say except for the list of ingredients that you can use here. But that is the fun of it. By adding any combination, you can adjust and change the flavor of the beer anyway you want. This is the most experimental part of brewing to me. Give it a try and see what happens. The next stage is kegging the beer (yes, we keg here because ain’t nobody has time to cap every bottle by hand). Cheers everyone.

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