Hello everyone!  Thanks for reading and today’s post is going to be a change of pace. No history lessons here and a quick getaway from reality. I am going to tell you my “fun” stories of the whoops that I have made. Before you ask, yes I have enough to do a whole blog and no I am not embarrassed. If you don’t make mistakes, you don’t learn…and I have learned. So let’s jump in!

The first stories involve mead.  The first was a full growler when it exploded.  Sorry, I Tarentino this a little, so I was living with my wife as we just got married and I was fresh into mead making. Had a kit for a gallon and had fun trying new flavors. One of my favorites to make is my Great Deku Mead that is elderberry and fig which gives it a very deep purple color (remember that). When I was making the mead, I was trying to siphon as much as I can (you all should know what I did wrong) and I bottled most of it in a growler and had it in my liquor cabinet. Well we went on a trip up north and I had a friend watch the apartment and cat (my awesome cat named Thorin). We got a text from him one night of a picture. The picture was of the liquor cabinet covered and surrounded by purple liquid. Yup, the growler exploded and shattered spraying the rich purple color everywhere and into the carpet. The next words said to me by my wife was “no more until we have a house and basement” since this was after the other explosion in the kitchen. Well that is how I learned to get all the yeast out of your mead. Since then, no issues (knocks on wood). 

This next story is going to be slightly redacted as there are parts I can’t say about the recipe. Also this is more about my roommate than my mistake (sorry Matt). When I was living with friends prior to marriage, that was when I started brewing beer with my roommates. We were doing a lot of clones and kits from the local beer supply store (miss you Hopmans) and we got our hands on a clone of a beer we loved and was very strong. It involved a lot of ingredients and was pricey to make. We put it all together, had a slight issue with blowback on the bubbler (that strong) but we got it all together. He started the bottling process and when I got home from work I helped cap them all. After two weeks we popped the first one and it was flat. So we waited another week and was still flat. We were flabbergasted. I looked at everything and came upon a small bag that was not added….priming sugar. Well we had 50 bottles of flat beer. So I ended up cooking with most of it (worked out). Then the bonehead move that came to me later after telling this story to others is “why didn’t you pour all the beer back, add the priming sugar, and rebottle?”  And that was my d’oh moment. 

A more recent moment I had was just last year. I made a recipe for a cucumber kolsch and thought I had it down pat. I had cucumber (skin and seeds removed) and lemon grass in the secondary. I put it in the keg and tasted it. It was amazing and refreshing. I had people over that night and they loved it too. The next weekend I had people over again and some asked to try it again and when we poured it…sour. People were looking at me and the others that had it prior like wtf. Well apparently with the cucumber, there was a little of it still in the beer (floaters…I don’t filter but that wasn’t the issue) and they went bad, very bad. Well, threeish gallons dumped. My lesson learned? Use cucumber water. I am not going to filter. 

Well those are my best learning moments. Post your fun learning moments in the comments below and any other thoughts you have (I am not going to filter my beer). Until next time…cheers!

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