Hello and welcome back! Seems you like this since you made it this far so thanks for reading so far!  Today we are going to switch gears to a different brewing that I actually love to do. It is very simple, but one must have patience. We are going to talk about brewing mead. So grab your drinking horn and braid your beard because here we go. 

Now don’t sigh and roll your eyes, but a quick lesson on mead. Mead is a honey wine. That’s right wine but you brew very similar to beer. Mead has a history back to the Viking ages and was said to be the nectar of the gods. That right you are on Thor’s and Odin’s level now. Back then it was very basic compared to what we have going on now so it was easy to make and easy to store and easy to get drunk, best for a Viking while on a boat adventuring and such. 

As I said, mead is simple and supplies are just as simple. Let’s start with ingredients. All you need is water, honey, yeast, and that’s it. For a basic mead that is all you need. Now you can dive in deep to add things, but we will go over that later. To make mead I recommend small batches of a gallon. It will generally yield you a few bottles worth (and when I say bottles I mean fifths or wine bottles) and that is plenty. Get your water to temp and then add the honey to it (called must with mead) and then let it warm and dissolve the honey in the hot water. Once you have that, you will need to cool it and then move to your carboy and pitch the yeast (better to use a dry wine yeast here). Then you let it sit for a week. After the week, rerack to get all the yeast out (as I told you in the Whoops blog) and let sit for another week. After that you can bottle it and let it sit. The longer it ages, the better but most say to wait at least six months. 

Now there are many ways you can change your mead flavor. So far, I have done:




Pumpkin Spice

Elderberry Fig

Green Tea

But there are so many other options out there. The best is fruit combinations. The sweetness works very well with more sweet fruit. You can do what is called a Metheglin where you add spices to it (I have not done this yet myself but had some and it is good). You can change out water for apple cider as well (if you have found it, that is what Zombie Killer is from B. Nectar they add cherry to it as well). The options are only held back by your imagination. Think of anything that goes well with honey in it. Or even something just crazy enough to work. 

So I told you all the funny story with the Great Deku Mead, but there is another.  I have a couple when making mead because I made the mistake of not getting all the yeast out multiple times, and as we know, when you make that mistake you have the possibility of explosions. The first one was the Great Deku Mead in the carpet, but the next one involved the pumpkin spice mead. I had a giara glass that had a stopper attached, and when I opened the full one liter bottle in the kitchen, it exploded like Mt Wannahockaloogie leaving most on the walls, ceiling, cabinets, floor, and me covered in mead and barely any left in the bottle. I was very sad, because A.  I wanted some because it was actually very good, and B.  It happened in front of my parents-in-law.  So, learn from me, get out as much yeast as possible and check your bottles for gas build up once you bottle them. 

I hope you enjoyed it and even got a good laugh at the end. Again leave your thoughts down below. You can talk about mead recipes that you have done and if you have more questions, I will be glad to answer them. You can also reach me on Twitter @rambokuhn.  Cheers!

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