Fall Beers

Hello and welcome to the end of fall (depending on where you are, as Michigan starts winter on and off starting in October).  With it the end of my favorite season, I wanted to talk about the beers that come out during this time.  We know the obvious one with pumpkin beers that come with all the other pumpkin spice beverages that start in August, but there are others and those that start the transition from summer to winter. Let’s dive in!

Let’s get the obvious out of the way with pumpkin. So many breweries make their own version now and though a lot taste the same, there are some that stick out. One that is very different is from Sam Adams called Jack-O where it is actually called a pumpkin spice shady! Yes, a shandy in the fall. It is a very sweet beer and not like the others out there. Others out there all do a typical pumpkin beer and there are many to choose from that are not nearly as sweet (or bad) as Jack-O and some are actually good out there Including Dogfish Head Punkin Ale (great beer and great story on how they started it). But there are too many to really dive into that would just make this blog too long on just pumpkin beers alone…I can’t do that because there are so many other better beers for the fall. If you want to hear more about pumpkin beers, check out this Brewthers-In-Law podcast where we try six different pumpkin beers. 

The next style is one of the best and has become very easy to find than it was in the past…Oktoberfest! This beer is the pinnacle of fall and is so good and refreshing. The style picked up steam here in the US with Sam Adams starting it about a decade ago and they made bank from it. Since then, a lot of other breweries, mostly microbreweries, have started making their own. In the Midwest area, at least a dozen are doing it and all doing a great job with it. But Sam Adams, making up for Jack-O (sorry, not sorry), does a great job and is easy to find nationwide.

The next are your red ales. As we talked a month or two ago, there are three of them, but all fit into that fall feel. Whether you like the Flander Red with a sour taste, or a basic Irish Red, they are great to sip on while the leaves themselves turn red. An easy find would be Killians Red but this style, in any of the three ways, are easy to find by your big breweries or your microbreweries. 

The last style I will talk about is your swing style that leads you to winter and colder times. Stouts and porters. Check out the slightly unseasonal blog I wrote on it back in summer. I know you all know the main guy on campus with Guinness but there are so many out there that this post, the previous blog and a possible podcast by (you guessed it) Breather-In-Law can’t cover them all. Try an off the wall flavor of either style too because someone did it. 

Those are your fall beers! Let me know if there are others you like and any specifics of the ones I mentioned too. Don’t forget (I know) to check out Brewthers-In-Law Podcast and of course…Cheers!

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