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Hello and welcome back to Hop, Brew, and Blog. Today we are diving into opinions here and I want everyone to give me your opinion on this topic…your go to beers. This is about your own choice of beers and I know everyone is different here. This isn’t about beer you like or beers you want to try, it is your deserted island beer. You can have any beer and that is the only beer you will drink, what will it be? I will tell you mine, I have three of them myself. 

My first one is Negro Modelo. This beer is my number one go to beer of choice. This is from the same Mexican brewery that makes Modelo Especial, that is a light beer, but Negro Modelo is the better beer by far. This beer is a lager that has a darker color to it. The brewing makes such a different beer that I want to brew a clone of it some day myself. People may say, “if you go Mexican beer, go Corona or Dos XX” and I say no! Negro Modelo has far more flavor to it and just as drinkable as any other light beer, and doesn’t need a lime to make it drinkable. 

My next choice is Guinness. This is the staple of stouts and is the best overall in my opinion. You get plenty of flavor and still have a smooth creamy beer that goes down easy (all what she said, I know). This was my first beer too and when I ordered it at bars with friends and family for the first time, people always said “oh you going to eat your beer since it is so thick” and my response is to have three of them and still be soberish and not full. This beer is not filling at all. They do chugging contests in Ireland with this beer that I wish to one day participate in. There is no crazy abstract flavor, just a creamy flavorful and easy drinking beer. 

My last one is tough to choose, but I am going to say it is Two Hearted from Bell’s brewing. This is not only the gateway IPA for most, but is still an easy drinking beer no matter the season. The IBUs are not too high but you still taste the Centennial hops that are used here that are grown in the UP (Upper Peninsula for those not from the Midwest). This beer has changed many friends and family members to change their thoughts on IPAs, and mess them up too since it is 6.7% ABV. This was tough because there were a couple others that were right there including Pabst Blue Ribbon, Founder’s All Day IPA, and Bell’s Oberon. But, there are seasonal issues with some of these and I already have a lager on this list. You want an easy drinking that will most likely lead you to more IPAs. 

Tell me what your go to beers are! Love to hear what you all choose. Leave your comments below. Cheers!

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