Adventure in Home brewing: The Final Day

Welcome to the final day…no this isn’t like the Legend of Zelda game, Majora’s Mask, where the moon is crashing down to bring the end of the world, but if it was the end of the world… at least we would have beer. Welcome to the final part of Adventures in Home Brewing:  Kegging the beer. 

That’s right keg, not bottles because like I said in the last post, ain’t nobody got time for that. I did that with my roommates when we first started brewing and it was a giant pain. So when I started back up, I upgraded so I can now keg. If I need to put beer in a bottle, I can use a growler pourer attachment so I can fill a bottle or growler to share. 

Kegging is simple and can be quick if you want it to be. This was talked about in the bottle vs keg blog I did a few weeks back but to summarize, kegging is quicker and easier. So let’s start the process. First, we want to rerack again to get anything from the secondary flavoring out. For The Dude, there is a lot of coconut, chocolate, and coffee we want to make sure doesn’t get into the keg. So siphon the beer into the keg and then put the lid on the keg. Done, simple as that. I know there has to be more…and there is. 

And it is also simple…connect to your kegerator. Now, clearly it won’t be ready to drink immediately this way, but let it sit for a week and it will naturally carbonate. But like I said before, we are in the Final Day of Majora’s Mask and we need to drink it as the moon comes down (or more likely you either want to drink it now because you want to, or there is a party in the next 24 hours). If that is the case, we can force-carbonate it. Crank the air to 22 psi and connect it to the keg. Lay the keg on its side and roll it back and forth for 30 seconds. Then you stand it back up for a few minutes and then you disconnect the air tank and release the air from the keg. You repeat this a half dozen times and then test to see how the carbonation is going. Once it is to your liking, connect to the kegerator and enjoy. 

That is it! You have brewed your own beer…or I did and now you can’t have any. If you want more updates on what I am brewing, check out!/Wise-Old-Owls-Brewery-549790091762784/?ref=bookmarks or find me on twitter @rambokuhn. Cheers everyone!

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